Handbook of Paediatric & Neonatal Mechanical Ventilation [English]

Javier Pilar y Alberto Medina

The fourth edition in Spanish of “Handbook of mechanical ventilation in Paediatrics” was released a few months ago in electronic format with the aim to spread the most up-to-date information about this topic around the world. Many Spanish-speaking doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists have been trained using this manual and also from the different courses offered by the Respiratory Group of the Spanish Paediatric Intensive Care Society (SECIP) through the years.

While the fourth edition of the Spanish version was being written and updated another more ambitious project was being carried out, an English version, aiming to reach the English-speaking world as well. We wanted to offer to the rest of the world the possibility to access, in a simple and clear concise way, the often complicated world of mechanical ventilation in paediatrics.

In this new project, many professionals of paediatric intensive care from around the world have contributed. The translation and revision process has been meticulous and long, and it has taken more than two years to thoroughly update and review the chapters, both from a scientific and linguistic point of view. This has allowed us to improve and update algorithms, charts and tables with the most recent scientific evidence.

Our intention is to provide a better understanding in mechanical ventilation of critically ill children and help improve the care of these patients.

Adrian T Humphry. MBBS BSc (Hons) MRCPCH. PICU. Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. Bristol. UK. Matthew D. Christopherson. MB ChB. MSc. MRCPCH. FFICM. PICU. Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. Bristol. UK. Mireia Garcia Cuscó. MD. PICU. Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. Bristol. UK. Javier Pilar. MD. PICU. Cruces University Hospital. Barakaldo. Spain. Alberto Medina. MD, PhD. PICU. CIBERes. Central University Hospital of Asturias. Oviedo. Spain.

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